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OCTOBER 19 and 20, 2024

One of the oldest cyclocross race weekends in the Midwest, the 2024 Kings CX UCI Cyclocross Weekend encompasses two days of racing!

Don't take our word, read a timeless Kings CX article:


UCI C1 and C2 Races

C1 Points are on the line .Watch North America's Top Cyclocross Pros battle it out on a course designed so you can see most of the action.

World Class Kings CX

World Cyclocross Champion Neils Albert Racing Kings CX. Kings CX is definitely on the map as one of the best CX races in the USA.


CX Fun

We love to race, but we also love to have fun. Come to race, stay for the fun. Team Row will be conveniently located next to the course. Talk tech, tactics, and grab some beverages.

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